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5 Awesome Lower Ab Exercises (FIX YOUR FORM!)

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Lower abs are typically the hardest part of the abdomen to get showing. Sometimes, this can be due to genetics.. sometimes this can be due to the fact that you just have too much body fat and need to focus on lowering that first.. but then other times, it’s because people have the wrong form on their lower ab exercises. So fix the way you do these 5 exercises and watch as your lower abs “magically” start to appear!

1. Reverse Crunches – You want to make sure your starting position is with your thighs perpendicular to the ground. This will cancel out any hip flexor activation and prevent as much momentum as possible. From there, really focus on rolling your butt up off the ground and squeezing with your lower abs.

2. Leg Lift Extensions – With these, again, you want to make sure your legs aren’t dropping all the way to the floor as then you would be hitting your hip flexors. For the most part, you want to keep your legs pointed at the ceiling and then extend your lower body up off the ground, creating that curvature of your lower spine and stimulating your lower portion of your abs.

3. Mountain Climbers – These are a well known exercise but also done wrong A LOT. Instead of just jumping back and forth from foot to foot.. You want to really emphasize driving your knee upward as far as possible and crunching at the abs. If you do this right, you should feel a tight squeeze in your abs with each kick.

4. Air Sprints – You will need a dip bar or something to elevate your feet off the ground.. From there you will act as if you are doing an upright mountain climber by driving your knees up to the air while slightly leaning forward to, again, create that curvature in your lower back and engage your lower abs.

5. Ankle To Bars – For this, you will need a pull-up bar or just something to hang from. Most of the time when you see any kind of a leg lift exercise, you see people dropping their legs all the way down.. This is wrong, because this primarily hits your hip flexors which is why your thighs often get tired before your lower abs. Instead, start with your knees bent and out in front of you at 90 degress, curl your knees up and act as if you are touching the front of your ankles to the pull-up bar. Then when you come back down, stop at 90 degrees with your knees.

Try these out and let me know what you think!

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